We are an environmentally friendly service, with specialist knowledge of organic and sustainable gardening methods using complimentary planting. We aim to reduce the problem of garden pests without potential harm to the environment, eliminating the need for chemical control (i.e.: pesticides and fertilizers).

Using local sources to minimizes the impact on the environment and, where possible we use materials friendly to the environment. In doing this The 5th Room not only provides an environmentally-friendly approach but a , cost effective solution to each customer leaving then with top quality results. Each design and build is a customized solution fitting to the customer’s needs and always being sure of the attention to its impact not only on the outside environment but on the home and customers environment as well. All materials are chosen with care to create a beautiful finish that is strong and will last a life time with as little maintenance as possible.

Organizing all ground works, building of walls, patios, block paving, turf laying, and through close consultation with the client we will select the plants and shrubs to compliment the garden design. The 5th Room is not only careful of the environment in which it is working but also the inhabitants of life already established. We take into mind the project and safely move or when possible, work around the needs of the wildlife in the space. Freddie’s horticultural knowledge provides a vast base of environmental solutions to everything from getting rid of pesky bugs to inviting in the graceful creatures to enhance your outdoor experience.

The 5th Room believes in being ever mindful of the state of the environment but also understands that we must also be able to live coexisting with nature. We use biodiesel in our vehicle. At the moment we use 100% from April to October and a 50/50 mix of biodiesel/diesel in November to March (to stop the biodiesel freezing).

The 5th Room also works with trusted businesses in the area to complete the range of services offered giving each customer a top to bottom finish to fit any project need.

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