Compost bins

Every garden needs a compost bin and at this time of year they are needed more then ever. There are many types to choose from and you can even make one yourself (this project coming soon).

So what can you put in your compost bin?

Well from the kitchen you can put in:

  • Peelings including cores and pits
  • Egg shells
  • Cut flowers
  • Coffee grinds and tea bags
  • Spoiled fruits and veg


And from the garden:

  • Leaves (that are now piling up around the garden).
  • Dead plants and weeds including bedding plants.
  • Hedge clippings
  • Grass cuttings.
  • And more… (clicking this link will also give you a list of items not to add to your compost)


Now a common issue with adding grass clippings is the smell. To stop materials like grass cuttings from going all gooey and smelly, I mix in shredded paper from the office and/or sticks that I have shredded up so the air can get in and stop it going smelly and help it rot down.

Another way to decrease the smell of composts is to have a lid on you bin and make sure it is well fitted. This prevents excess moisture form getting in from rain but also helps the smell from permeating outside the bin.

Also remember to put your bin somewhere it is easily accessible, with a decent amount of sun, on flat ground, not too close to the house.

It can take 12 to 18 months to rot down before you can start to use it around the garden. Additions such as sticks and larger plants will take longer to rot down but using a plant shredder will help this.

If you’d like more detailed information on all the aspects of compost bins and composting, I recommend visiting

take care


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