We Need You!!.

Here at The 5th Room we have been busy in trying to give you the best so that in mind we have started The English Garden Plant Directory and we need you now!


The English Garden Plant Directory is a free “wiki” and so need everyones input to make it work, we at The 5th Room will continue to put plants into this wiki. But we need you to put in plants and pictures of your plants that grow in your garden.


In The English Garden Plant Directory we hope to give you alsorts of info on plant listed covering the following:-


  • Name
  • Other / Comman Names
  • Description and Origin
  • Where to Plant
  • Pruning
  • Propagation
  • Pest and Diseases
  • A list of Varietys


To cover all this will take time, but with your help we can grow this faster for all to injoy and use. so join us and help build The English Garden Plant Directory together.


take care



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