Hi and welcome to “Problems”

If you are having problems with your garden with

  • Pests.
  • Soil.
  • Plants not growing.
  • or any other problem in your garden.

Please feel free to sign in and post for help and I and anyone with with the answer will help you.

And if you know the answer to someones problem please fell free to answer remembering that it needs to be organic and good for the environment.

Please give as much info as you can in your post so we can help you.

take care


The 5th Room

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Hello and welcome to The 5th Room D.I.Y

 Hi and welcome

My name is Fred and here in The 5th Room D.I.Y. blog I will be posting things that you can do in your garden this week, and will be posting each week with an update of what needs doing in your garden. I will be spliting it in two parts

  • “Weekly Flower Spot”
    This will cover all the garden including Trees, Bushes, Lawns, ect.
  •  “Weekly Veg spot”
    For your alotment needs as well as your home herb garden.

I will also be doing “Projects posts” with new projects to do in your garden.

There also will be a “Problem” page for your problems in your garden. I will try to answer them and if you know an answer to the problem please feel free to answer them too. But please remember that all answers must be organic and good for the environment.

take care


The 5th Room.

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