New to Veg – Where to Start

Have you just thought about growing your own Fruit and Veg. Or may be with the economy as it is you mite be thinking about growing your own, to help out. But not sure where to start or how.


There is nothing like growing your own fruit and veg, they taste so good! And there’s so many ways you can do it too!


  • A Veg Plot
    This is the most popular way to grow your veg, either in an allotment, plot
    in your garden or a large border at the top of the garden.


  • In your Flower Garden
    Yes you can grow veg in the flower bed! you can plant veg as a contrast to
    your bedding, by planting things like Carrots, Beet-root and like, for colour and
    shape ect.
  • Pots, Bags and Hanging Baskets
    There is many vegetables and fruit you can grow in pots, bags and hanging
    baskets and that means you grow them anywhere even if you have little or no
    garden at all e.g. on the Patio, Balcony or anywhere you have a space.


So you can one or all three its up to you but I will be going through the steps in “How-to”s over the year step one soon


take care



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