Mid-Jan in the Veg plot

With the warmer weekend ahead it possible to do many of the jobs that been out standing in the Veg plot, and with spring get ever closer it’s time to get out there!


So what needs doing…


 General Jobs


Make sure that your plot is all tidy, e.g. leaves and other rubbish to be cleaned up from around the plot,


Things to Plant


Start to think and plan what you are going to plant this year, working out your planting layout so you know where you are going to put them.


Also start to buy in your seeds and other things you need for this year (don’t forget you can get all your seeds, tools, ect. from our Garden shop).


You can now start to plant out on mild days Garlic, Onion sets and Shallots from now on.


Things to Harvest


Continue to lift Parsnips and Leeks as and when you need them. You can also pick some spring cabbage as winter greens too.




Get all winter pruning of Apple and Pear trees as well as Currant and Gooseberries bushes, finished this weekend where the weather is frost free.


Don’t forget you can still do hardwood cutting of Currant and Gooseberries bushes that you want from the off cuts.


And finish any moving of fruit plants around the veg plot so this need to be done soon.




If not done lift and divide Rhubarb crowns now and prepare some for early forcing and well mulching them too.


Pest and Diseases


Even at this time of year and with it warmer this week, the slug can be around so keep an eye for them!


Mice can also be a problem at this time as they are short of food and will look for your stores to attack so keep an eye out and take action if you see signs of them.


Birds too and be a pain as they get hungry taking buds off of plants so look after them as well as putting net over plants to protect them.


Take a look for Canker in fruit trees.


So have good time it the Veg plot and let me know how you got on.


take care



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