New to Veg – Step 1

We looked at the three main types in my “New to Veg – Where to Start” post and as we seen there is three main ways you can grow your own veg, you can do one or all three if you like. But I will be going through each of them, so if you have a big garden and have lots of space or just a balcony with very little we all can grow some veg for our table.


Step 1

In the first place you need to choose what you want to grow, but that also depends on what you like to eat! There is no point in growing Tomatoes if you don’t like them. So in Step 1 we will look at each of the three main types in what you can grow in that way.


A Veg Plot


As this is the biggest of the three as it’s completely devoted to vegetables it just depends on size, but you can grow almost anything as long as you have the space.


In your Flower Garden


Within your flower beds you can grow many vegetables some you can hide in between other plants, with some like Beetroot with it’s Red leaves you can make a real striking statement with! But you can again almost grow anything with your flowers.


Pots, Bags and Hanging Baskets


With Pots you can grow all wonder of things from Tomatoes to Potatoes even root crops like Carrots, as well Beans and Peas. And with them in pots if you have a greenhouse you can start them off inside and bring them outside when it get hotter so you can get earlier crops, or at the end of summer sow them out side and move them into the greenhouse to get a late crop (I will tell you later in the year about how to have fresh New Potatoes with your Xmas dinner).


Grow bags are also good for Peppers, Beans as well as Tomatoes. But wait have you seen you can now grow your Tomatoes in hanging baskets now too! with a new variety that hang down over the sides.


And as we we all love Strawberry’s and so do the slugs, try growing them up out of the way in a hanging basket too, so you can have fresh Strawberry’s with out the slug bite. And like the pots you can take the basket in to your greenhouse for an early crop.


So as you start to think about what you would like to grow have a look at our Garden shop for inspiration in what to grow. And look out for Step 2. And don’t forget to ask questions if you need to.


take care



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