The problem of Slugs and Snails

Slugs and Snails are the one of the biggest problems in the garden whether in the flower border or the veg plot. So here I will give 5 ways to get back at them and stop them eating your plants!

But a word of warning don’t pick them up and throw them as far as you can, as A, it’s not nice on who’s garden where they land, and B, they are territorial animals so they will come back to your garden.

So here’s my top 5 ways to keep them at bay organically :-

Plant with coffee grounds1. Coffee Grounds – Yes don’t throw your coffee grounds out or in the compost put them around the plants that get eaten the slugs and snails, they will not cross the grounds and the grounds will also fertilize your plant too.

2. Egg Shells – wash and dry your shells then break them up into 5-10mm peces and put them around your plant in a wide (2-3cm) band to stop slugs and snails getting to your plants and like the coffee grounds it will also fertilize your plants as it breaks down.

3. Cucumber and Aluminum – Cut up aluminum cans, and put a slices of cucumber on them and put in the garden. The cucumber will react with the aluminum to give off a gas, undetectable to humans, but will drive slugs and snails away!

4. Copper Wire – Wrap copper around pots to stop slugs and snails climbing into pots, the copper reacts with there slime and gives them a little electric shock.

5. Beer Pubs – Put small shallow saucer and put beer or grape juice, they will go to the beer and become bird food or you can pick them up and take them far far away!

There other ways of getting rid of them like standing on them (you find them best first thing in the morning and last thing at night) but this is my top 5, please let me know if you have any ways you find good here

Take Care


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