January in the Flower garden

Even in January there are many jobs that need do in and around the garden and things to get ready for spring as its not long away now!


So what needs doing…


General Jobs


If you have not already done so, all leaves must be cleaned up from around the garden,


And don’t forget to set up protection for alpines from wet weather as they can be damaged or die off if they get too wet.




On wet or days to cold to garden start thinking about get the seeds in for summer bedding.




Continue to cut down last years growth and clean out leaves from autumn as well as lift and divide plants that have got to big.


Trees & Shrubs


Finish cutting back trees and shrubs in the garden when the weather is frost free. But remember that shrubs like dogwoods (cornus) that are used for winter colour can be left until March, as well as the spring flowering types such as ‘Forsythia’ can be left until they have finished flowering.


Don’t forget you can still do hardwood cutting of shrubs that you want from the off cuts.


Time is also running out to move any trees and shrubs in the garden so this need to be done soon.




Warning! Don’t walk on your lawns when they are frozen as it can kill off patches that you stand on.


Even at this time of year grass can still grow when it’s above 5C (40F) so in warm periods you mite need to give it a cut. But don’t forget to cut it 5-8mm(1/4in) higher than normal.


Pest and Diseases


Even at this time of year the slug can be around so keep an eye for them!


Birds too and be a pain as they get hungry taking buds off of plants so look after them as well as putting net over plants to protect them.


So have good time it the garden and don’t get to cold


take care



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